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BB Beasty Boo Little greenish One gullible someone Beast Man Beast beau Grass mark assaulter Boy Wonder child challenger Clorgbag Varblerneilk (By Starfire when she was mad and ignored Beast Boy) Milnip wooserlop (by Starfire once she forgave Beast Boy) bugbear Boy Beast Boy's parents, Mark and Marie mount logan were geneticists that would locomotion the jungles of the world to report their wildlife. brute Boy was brought up in the jungles of Brazil, Africa, republic of india and several other places. The Logans peculiarly became concerned in a rare species of fleeceable monkey, however, the day they finally found it, being Boy was bitten by the creature and contracted a sincere illness titled Sakutia (note: the monkeys were probably infected by chromatic krypronite due to the fact that terminated the past few centuries kryptonians had brought meteor rocks).

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Robin had prettify slenderly taller than the grass stain we all recognise and love. He had grown-up much taller over the years, growing to five pedal extremity ten inches, and had grown statesman muscular, as well, not overly muscular, toned, but not scrawny like he had been before, and his jaw argumentation square a bit, too, becoming statesman masculine. Beast Boy, having matured on the far side anyone's expectations,(meaning to have the emotional volume of a 6-year-old) had combed his hair, touched his teeth, put on a nice, tucked-in, light blue button-up with the sleeves folded up and khakis, with a spectral colour decorated course and negro animal skin shoes.

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A structure made up of wholly robotic systems granting him superhuman strength, resillience to damage, capability to fix some appliances, unsurpassed psychological feature of profession and robotics, a shank built into his arm that can shoot sonic blasts, and symbol some other gadgets well-stacked into his body bionic man was a promising strong immature contestant earlier an accident that killed his inspiration and injured him so severely that his damaged torso portion were replaced with cybernetics to livelihood him alive. But since these mechanical concern were not inconspicuous, he was shunned by his home geographic region and his friends, which unsuccessful him greatly. One night, bionic man took to the streets, where he ran into the new arrivals Robin and Beast Boy fighting a rather lurid alien girl, who was actually a criminal from a captive transport.

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