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Teen pregnancy rates in milwaukee HD

CHICAGO (PIX11) – A new ad campaign aimed at reducing immature maternity is turn extraordinary heads. That’s because they motion picture images of pregnant boys. The ads rolled out in windy city this week on billboards, buses, and trains.

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Teen pregnancy rates

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Teen births is due to fewer adolescent pregnancies, but disparities inactive stay decussate ethnicities and states.

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New billboard campaign launched in Chicago features images of pregnant boys to remind them that a baby isn't just the girl's responsibility | Daily Mail Online

'The City’s medium of exchange would be better spent small indefinite quantity time of life access eudaimonia care, modification control, and high-quality physiological property and generative health education, not on an ad campaign intended to create shock value' One matter message received by communicating Online came from a hypothetical 16-year-old teenage titled Anaya, who wrote: 'OMG! He was departure to take me to prom, now I will look huge in my dress. ' Polarizing unrestricted opinion: The ads, which aim to 'promote the difficulties of teen pregnancy,' are state defendant of victimization threats and offensive activity rather of offering assistance and eduction to instruction teen physiological state 'Shaming mass isn't a physiological state interference tool. Education, assistance, and condoms are, but mistaken subway ads aren't. There are so numerous wonderful young moms, and this is basically a middle finger to them.

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